From Uomo to VH-Uomo: Crafting a Clear and Compelling Brand Identity.

Explore VH-Uomo's Journey with Ziuweila, Crafting a Distinctive Identity and Achieving Global Recognition in Classic Menswear Excellence.


The existing brand name "Uomo" was associated with both a washing powder and a perfume brand, causing confusion.

The familiarity of the name within the target age group for these unrelated products presented a challenge in maintaining a distinct brand identity.

It was crucial to change the name while preserving the pronunciation to prevent any loss of the existing customer base.


Establish a unique identity that aligns with the brand's values and positioning in the market.

Introduce a new brand name that distinguishes the product from washing powder and perfume brands.
Retain the pronunciation to ensure continuity and preserve the existing customer base.

Visual Identity Result

The brand successfully underwent a name change, transitioning from "Uomo" to a new, distinct identity "Vhuomo"

The new name preserves the pronunciation, facilitating a smooth transition for existing customers.
The rebranding initiative ensures clarity in product positioning and eliminates confusion with unrelated products.

photography and videography

Our Lens Unveils a Visual Symphony, Elevating Your Brand Narrative with Photography and Videography Mastery!

social media mangement and media buying​

objective : Increase sales by 20%

Rebranded as ‘VH-uomo,’ UOMO Egypt achieved a unique identity, connecting with the audience. A streamlined digital marketing strategy enhanced online presence, fostering engagement and sales success.

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VH-Uomo's Success Story Unleashes Soaring Sales, New Branches, and a Spotlight on 'Ads of the World

After implementing the rebranding strategy and digital marketing strategy , VH-UOMO experienced an increase in sales from the first quarter We increased traffic to the client’s social media and physical branches.

campaign with VH-Uomo has just got featured as one of the most worldwide inspiring campaigns on Ads Of The World!

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