July 1, 2024
fabrica visual identity

Tailoring Tomorrow’s Textile Experience - Tradition Meets Tech in a Tapestry of Innovation and Seamless Style!

fabrica visual identity

Blending traditional textile visuals with modern digital elements for a cohesive and appealing identity.

Designing a logo that stands out in the textile industry while reflecting Fabrica’s innovative approach.
Choosing colors that resonate with both the textile heritage and the tech-forward nature of Fabrica.
Conveying the connectivity aspect of Fabrica within the visual elements of the brand identity.


To establish Fabrica as a trailblazing force in the textile industry by creating a vibrant and innovative brand identity.

The primary objective is to seamlessly blend the traditional charm of textiles with cutting-edge electronic methods, fostering a sense of trust, connectivity, and global competitiveness. Through a visually striking and cohesive brand identity, Fabrica aims to revolutionize perceptions, attract a diverse user base, and position itself as a leader in the dynamic intersection of tradition and technology within the textile market.


A transformed and impactful brand identity that successfully bridges the gap between tradition and technology in the textile industry.

Fabrica now boasts a visually compelling logo, a harmonious color palette, and an interface that seamlessly integrates textile patterns with modern elements. The result is an immersive brand experience that resonates with users, fosters trust, and positions Fabrica as a global player. The successful execution of the brand identity project has laid the foundation for widespread adoption, increased connectivity among manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers, and elevated Fabrica’s standing as an innovative leader in the textile market.

fabrica visual identity
fabrica visual identity
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