Fly, Serve, Enjoy Crafting Tucano's Visual Identity – Where Every Design Takes Flight with the Essence of Service and Joy.

Where Design Takes Flight in the Skies of Unmatched Aviation Services.


Overcoming conventional visual tropes associated with aviation to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity.

Striking the right balance between conveying professionalism expected in the aviation industry and maintaining a welcoming and approachable image.


To position Tucano as a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry through a meticulously crafted brand identity.

Our aim is to create a visual narrative that not only communicates the range of services, from air freight to private jets but also encapsulates the spirit of ‘To Fly, To Serve, To Enjoy.’ 


The culmination of the Tucano brand identity project is a visually captivating and distinctive representation that echoes the essence of 'To Fly, To Serve, To Enjoy.'

The outcome is a seamlessly integrated visual narrative across all touchpoints, from a memorable logo reflecting aviation excellence to engaging social media designs.

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